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Who are we?


Simply Better.

Circum Medtech Pharma is a vertically integrated CDMO operating in the fields of medical devices and life sciences.

We offer a wide range of medical technologies from design to manufacturing. We tailor our offer to meet your specific requirement as your needs are unique.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to offer our customers innovative and reliable products, to help them accelerate time to market and to guarantee their success.

Our flexibility allows us to partner with companies of all sizes from startups to the world's leading medical device companies.


Our mission is to assist our industry in delivering innovative solutions that effectively address current healthcare issues while staying true to our core values.


We believe in engineering as a massive vector to improve Healthcare
efficiency and quality of treatment for the patient benefit.


 Here's our four main values :

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Trust forms the cornerstone of our approach.

Two people at a table icon. A bubble with a heath cross. Magenta

We're dedicated to revolutionising the care of complex patients for better outcomes.

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Our goal is to facilitate patients' return home sooner,

reducing hospital stays.

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We care about the patient and their family well-being.

Our commitment

Our Commitment :
Efficiency, safety, reliability.

Our team comes with a strong experience in the healthcare industry, we have a clear view on key challenges within the healthcare industry.

For start-ups, time is a killer, time is money, but start-ups have very limited resources, and time can become a dramatic factor. Transforming a brilliant idea into an innovative solution improving quality of care for the patient is a long and difficult road within the Healthcare environment. You need to minimize your cost, find technical expertise and never forget that you need to think from the beginning that you will need to get regulatory approvals.

For large organisations, we know that reducing the supply risk has become a critical point. Having agile partners save time and cost when testing new specifications and innovative concepts. Our long-term experience on these specific topics, and our manufacturing capability are there to serve those needs as well.

Our commitment is to offer tailor made solutions. We fully integrate the global picture of your needs even if you need us to build a limited part of your project. 

Thus, from the prototype to regulatory approval, we always have this final hurdle in mind. 

Our work philosophy is: Smarter, faster, simply better.


Do you have a medical device or a pharmaceutical project? 

We would love to hear from you.

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